About fanfare


Portrait taken by Guus Kaandorp

fanfare is a laboratory, design studio and presentation space that explores different forms of communication through a critical lens. It initiates independent research trajectories that span the politics, sociology, and technological limitations of media development.

Working primarily from a street-facing studio in the Tetterode building (a former type foundry hosting a rich community of artists since 1981), fanfare’s six members come from a variety backgrounds in the fields of design, teaching, architecture, journalism, media research and visual art. Internally, its working structure operates along horizontal lines, with individual members collaborating in various configurations on a project-by-project basis and organisational decisions made altogether in monthly general meetings.

Uniting the group is a collective commitment to independent research, through a diverse public program that includes experimental presentations, workshops, making sessions, exhibitions, routes, and various gatherings that critically explore the past and future of communication. fanfare also frequently engages in external collaborations with both local and international institutions and cultural platforms (e.g. abC Beijing Art Book Fair, Hackers and Designers, Overgaden, Tokyo Art Book Fair etc.), offering a range of services, from curation and design, to consultation and teaching.